The liturgical choir of The Cardinal Vaughan Memorial School, London

The Schola's new CD


is now AVAILABLE  for streaming and to purchase

Recorded in July 2019, the CD brings together an eclectic mix of music, sacred and secular, including music by Victoria, Allegri, Fauré, Bruckner, Albinoni, Vangelis and Howard Shore.

The CD reflects the varied musical life of the Schola, with liturgical music alongside extracts from film scores including music from Life of Pi, the Oscar-winning score that featured the voices of the Schola. 

Lockdown Recordings 2020

The Schola has released three Lockdown Recordings, made in the boys' homes since March.


The first is a recording of Palestrina's Sicut Cervus.


'As the hart desires the water brook, so my soul longs for you, O God.' Psalm 42.

The second is a recording of Stanford's Beati Quorum Via.

Blessed are they whose way of life is wholesome: who walk in the law of the Lord. Psalm 119


The third recording is Ave Maris Stella, the piece written for the Schola by Roderick Williams to mark the choir's fortieth anniversary in March 2020. 

Hail star of the sea, merciful Mother of God,
ever a virgin, happy door of heaven.


Taking this ‘Ave’ from the mouth of Gabriel,
bring us to peace, reversing the name ‘Eva’.


Unbind the shackles of the accused, bring light to the blind, take away our misfortunes and bring us every good.


Show yourself as mother; may he who was yours,
born for us, receive our prayer through you.


Unique virgin, gentler than all, make us gentle and chaste, free from the bonds of sin.

Bring us a pure life, prepare the true way,
so that, seeing Jesus, we may rejoice for ever.

Let there be praise to God the Father, honour to Christ on high, to the Holy Spirit, to all three one honour. Amen.

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