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Billy Budd at Covent Garden

Four Vaughan boys, plus three boys from the Vaughan Centre for Young Musicians, have recently been playing the children's roles in the Royal Opera House's production of Britten's Billy Budd at Covent Garden. Five boys played the Midshipmen/Powder Monkeys whilst two boys shared the important role of the Cabin Boy.

This award winning production was being performed for the first time in London and these were the first performances of Billy Budd, Britten's grandest opera, at Covent Garden since 2001. Vaughan boys were in it back then too! In fact, with Vaughan boys having appeared in English National Opera's production of Budd in 2012, we have had something of a monopoly on this wonderful work in London at least for nearly twenty years!

These two wonderful photos by Claire Egan give a sense of the spectacular production.

We will be holding auditions for the Vaughan Centre for Young Musicians later this term for boys looking to join in September. If your son is aged 7-10 then consider applying to attend this long established Monday evening music school. Details available from the Vaughan.

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